About Samin Mortazavi

Member #: V68599, Licence #: 164677

Dr Samin Mortazavi is an intellectual and a leader trained in Canadian business and law. He is a licensed real estate agent and a rental property manager, and he is currently working on attaining his Broker’s License to establish his Real Estate Brokerage, after many years of practice as a real estate agent and rental property manager, it is time to implement a growth strategy, Samin said. He has a passion for real estate development and has been involved in the real estate industry of Greater Vancouver Area since 2005. With his in-depth knowledge of the Canadian business administration, having studied the field up to the doctoral level, in addition to over a decade of experience with the market and its developments, followed by his law degree from Thompson Rivers University, he is one of the most capable real estate agents who can help you meet and exceed your needs.